Dealer Auctions


You must be a Registered Car Dealer to purchase from most of our auctions, however GSA and law enforcement auctions are public auctions. If you do not have a Car Dealer License, do not fill out the Dealer registration. Under the button "GSA Auctions" on the home page is the GSA registration, which can be down loaded or gotten at the desk, and is free. Registration for law enforcement auctions can only be done at the desk.

Step One: We use the Auction Access system for dealer registration. Auction Access is the number one dealer registration system in North America and with it you can get registered at our auction quicker and easier. If you already have an  Auction Access Card you can go to Step Two. You do not have to join Auction Access to attend our live auctions, but an Auction Access ID is required to get onto our online auction.

Step Two: Once you have your  information you will have a  number, this will allow you to register with most auctions and to be able to purchase from us from the conveniece of your office or home.

Dealer Application forms.

Clickon the link above to be taken to the Auction Access page of forms. Download the form(s) you want, fill out the form(s) and mail or transmit to Auction Access. See their website and use the CONTACT button for current info. If you are not able to, please contact us as soon as possible.

Step Three: Purchase!

Once you are fully set up, you are good to go! Check out the different Services that we provide, and our updated Vehicle Line Up to assist in the purchase of your next vehicle or vehicles!