GSA Auctions




. Vehicle inspection periods will be Mon MARCH 11TH  9AM-4PM and Tue an hour before the sale.     






 The General Services Administration (GSA) Fleet Leasing program leases vehicles to numerous Federal agencies. GSA Fleet then sells their used vehicles to the general public through live auctions with Concurrent Live Broadcasts and by internet sales via the GSA auto auction website

. These vehicles are operated, controlled, and maintained by the Federal government. Many of these vehicles will have relatively low miles. Clicking on the LINK above will take you to the GSA Remarketing brochure.

All GSA Fleet vehicle sales are open to the Public. There are two ways to attend a live GSA Fleet vehicle auction. You can attend in person, standing in the lane, or remotely via a Concurrent Live Broadcast. If you choose to attend the auction in person, you must complete the GSA Fleet Bidder Registration form. You can obtain this document from the link below or from the GTAA front desk. You must also sign the Privacy Act Notice. There is no charge for registering for for a GSA Fleet  auction.

If you choose to attend the auction via our Concurrent Live Broadcast system, you must first go online to Edge and create an account, then call GTAA at 903-597-2800 and register for our network and receive an access code. At that time you will also have to complete the Fleet Bidder Registration and Privacy Act Notice. We will provide you with instructions on how to access our Concurrent Live Broadcast system and how to bid on vehicles.

Live auctions you will bid through Edge Pipeline, but online only auctions require you to bid through the GSA website.

Every GSA Fleet vehicle sale provides a vehicle inspection period, normally the day before the sale. Check the sale announcements for further details.   


These completed bidder and privacy notice forms can be emailed to: or mailed to: Greater Tyler Auto Auction, ATTN: GSA Rep, 11654 Hwy 64 W, Tyler TX 75704.

GSA Fleet also sells vehicles via Internet Only sales. To access a GSA Fleet Internet Only sale go to the GSA website at

 . You must register for the sale through the website. Click the "Register" tab at the top of the page to complete the GSA Fleet registration document.

From this website you can access the GSA Fleet vehicle sales calendar to locate all GSA Fleet internet and live sales. Clicking ona particular sale will display that sale's vehicle line up. Once the sale goes live it will provide you an option to bid on a vehicle.

GSA FORMS: Please review the information from these multi-page pubs below to learn the details of the terms and conditions for GSA sales, including payment for the vehicles. The pamphlets will also be included in the catalog for each dated sale, and will be referenced at the beginning of each dated sale.

 GSA SF114C "Sale of Government Property"

 GSA  Information Sheets "GSA Fleet Vehicles Terms and Conditions" 

There are 3 sets of Terms and Conditions that govern GSA Fleet vehicle sales, one for Live Sales, one for Internet Sales, and one for Fixed Price Sales. Our most common sales will be Live and Internet and are public, while the Fixed Price sales are for government entities. You should read through these two that apply to our public auctions:

         Terms and Conditions

Live Sales ... ...Internet Sales

PLEASE NOTE: GSA vehicles are sold according GSA terms and conditions, described in detail in the forms and info sheets above. GTAA does not offer post sale inspections for GSA. 

To see our GSA vehicle line up, go to then go down the search menu to auction house, then to Greater Tyler, check it, then down to search.